From the Kilo 8 prison in Camaguey, a cry of freedom

27 Dec

Nobody can stop the desire for freedom, but Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s cry of protest would be smothered. For him, walls, fences and wires do not exist.

Since December 3, this brave black man from Holguin is being punished in a cell in the Kilo 8 prison in Camaguey. He was taken there by force by the prison guards from Holguin Provincial Prison where he had finished one more year of the many he had been sentenced to in 2003.

It is not just that from outside the prison his mother, Reina Luisa Tamayo, demands a response to so much horror and abuse, and that inside, very close to the punishment cell, sixteen prisoners support him, joining in his civic protest—a hunger strike—the Cuban prisoner’s only option.

One of them managed to fool the powers-that-be and called Holguin by phone so the information could be recorded, and everyone could hear the voices of the victims demanding, at least, that they be given one hour of sun, that they not be sent to the punishment cells simply for asking for medical attention, and that family visits be allowed the imprisoned as required under the law. And they loudly demand the fall of the dictatorship.

That voice crossed the barbed wire.

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