Why Don’t You Blog?

2 Jan

The question is asked by Mr. Sullivan with his goodly toadface and the desire to add me to the online bad boys. Boy, why don’t you blog?  I hear the same from the girl from Factor street, the one with all the prizes.

In my previous and dead blog, “Animal de Alcantarilla” I managed to see once the generous hand of someone who showed sympathy and downloaded some archives for me containing what I had re-sent by pencil, dictated, and all that with the very high rates that ETESCA charges citizens. And going through the intricacies of censorship; that is to say, I was asking my friends to let me send my post through their email.

At the rate we’re going I will come to the Cybercafe in the Santiago Hotel with a drum, a plume of feathers and some herbs to launch a moan or emoticons to see if they reach the blogosphere.

Yet I feel myself to be a postmodern guy.

I can not expound in any peroration to make it true, at least make it my truth. When I say something it’s already a week later and the potential readers were savoring the delicacies of the Island’s restive bloggers. Even when I opine without knowing on many occasions that this comment has already been pasted into diatribes and emails.

My goal was to jump every 15 days the 60 miles between Holguin and Santiago de Cuba to send a post when I had the 10 chavitos (convertible currency) but you can’t use any flash memories there. ETECSA has put a digital lock so that only you can read and write to those computers that Sol Melia rents to Cubans.

At least I will have the pleasure of donating to the Cuban blogosphere the first blog written on stone that ages at the same time it is written.

It closes the circle, my adrenaline level rises and I like to start the year in full swing. Why not blog? says a voice that thunders in my ears. One question that has never been more real.


2 Responses to “Why Don’t You Blog?”

  1. Howarde12 January 30, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

    What good is a free education when one is not free to express oneself freely? Americans with sympathies for the regime in control of Havana and the nation of Cuba for the past fifty years see nothing wrong with government control of the airwaves, of the press. of freedom of speech and expression, but one who has lived under a totalitarian regime understands repression in a way that those who have not suffered under it cannot.

    Keep reaching out until you find those who will understand. Yes, it has been 69 years since I visited Cuba, back in 1941, when I was a young seaman, but I can tell you that I still remember the spirit of the people I met, warm and friendly, full of spirit, and free! I’ve followed the history of Cuba ever since.

    Let me know when you post again. May the future open the doors of freedom to you, for then I know that you will soar.

    You can find more of me on http://www.howardsviews.com if you have an interest.


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