Young People Are Always Liberators

28 Jan

I was impressed with the pictures of the beardless boys throwing stones at the police water-tank vehicles in May 1968, I was full of hope back then, but my hopes were destroyed years later when I saw pictures of the slaughter of students in Tiananmen Square, and I could add many more images to this list.

As always, I will always remember of the pictures of Jose Antonio Echeverria lying in a pool of blood on 27th Street, adjacent to the University of Havana, in March 1957 or the notes heard on foreign radio stations when they spoke, just a few months after the death of te 19-year-old Iranian, Neda Soltani Agha.

Little birds of of the digital age Twittered me 280 characters yesterday where I learned the news of the abuses against students by Chavez’s police for voicing their disagreement about the closure of the television station RCTV* International, one of dissenting voices against the petro-communist kitsch of ALBA** .

The incarceration of young people in Guantanamo, the end of year beating against a group of protestors in Holguin and the daily deportations of anonymous youth from Havana to the east of the country are flames of a bonfire that the old-age-theocracy of the ruling military junta are preparing against them themselves.

A sea of youth always is unstoppable. “Be careful.“***

*RCTV: Radio Caracas Television
**ALBA: The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas
***In English in the original.

Translated by: LJM

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