Telephonic Manoeuvres

8 Mar

Nothing seems to stop the control engineers and their deceptive inspection of Cuba’s citizens. Both the mobile phone company (CUBACEL), and the well-known ETECSA provide services to State Security to play tricks on their clients.

Officer Diorkis of the Political Police sends provocative, offensive and threatening SMS messages to Raudel Avila Lozada, who lives in Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba province, since they gave him the mobile number of that dissident.

On a trip to Placetas, they sent messages to  Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina from the mobile of another regime opponent, Martah Díaz Rondón. Sometimes they do it to find out where they are and sometimes to create confusion leading to misunderstandings and the consequent worry.

The mobiles remain without service and without coverage or the messages and calls begin to connect when the official operatives of the political police and CUBACEL’s regional management agree.

The same Rolando Rodriguez, his brother Nestor Leuven, Cristian Toranzo Fundichely, Caridad Caballero Batista and many others have fallen victim to the seizure of their mobile phones, with the only communication being that their equipment had been temporarily seized, according to the accounts of confiscation that the police investigators and instructors try to make the victims sign.

The sad part is that there is no clause in the sales contract explaining that State Security will maintain control of the equipment, nor, of course, is it clarified that it is this repressive organ who will tell the telephone companies to suspend calls, knock out service to customers and then later, in the interrogations, the officers in charge will blackmail victims with all the details of their conversations through the apparatus.

The stunned secretaries and clerks that CUBACEL and ETECSA have employed for customer service are sometimes overwhelmed with complaints. In others, as happened to me in the city of Holguin, they explain with all the cynicism of the world that the management reserves the right to whether or not to engage in this type of approach — that is eavesdropping — when one of the indicted “is charged under National Security” (SIC).

The indolence is public, the perpetrator pulls his cap down over his eyebrows, adjusts his sunglasses and rubs his crotch as a sign of total impunity.


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