A Blogger’s Rhetoric

11 Mar

Title: InfoMed: Organization of the National Network

The Internet connection is slow.  Today they aren’t selling the cards for the cell phones because the girl that sells them is taking a break from work.  That friend of yours who always lends you a hand with the foreign deliveries is suffering from “water pressure” up to her neck and does not want to continue.  The foreign currency stores ran out of re-writable disks.  Even more, Holguin and San German are very far from Havana, from America, and from the rest of the world.  Our e-mail doesn’t work.  You’ve never seen a single article published in the press about new technologies or about the blogosphere.  They brought you books but because they weighed too much they stayed in the desk of the customs officer… HA! And they raised price of USB memories again.

Here come the Police, hide your cameras.  When they pass then you can take them out again.  You write a post and since two weeks have passed since you sent it out, the subject is old and the other restless kids got ahead of you.  This year, Martha from Holland is not coming:  Goodbye external disc burner that she was going to bring me!  The customs lady once again recorded the price of the imported equipment…

My soap went bad.  The lights went out again.  There won’t be water for a week.  The reggaeton blasts from the speakers of my neighbor.  The lotto number you chose was not the lucky one.  Aroldis Chapman left.  Another reflection from the Commander in Chief.  Another Round Table.  A little piece of dirt fell in my eye.  That police car parked in front of my house again and two political police officers have come to tell me that I can’t leave my house during the next three days.  I don’t have funds in my phone to send a twitter saying that I was once again cited by the G-2.  Sometimes I think not even I can stand myself.  I am rhetorical and sentimental.

Translated by Raul G.

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