Low Cost

17 Apr

Before it was so… and now as well. I was born in a house of earth and stones, sheltered under a roof of cane, but as I always heard in the official speeches it was said that we would be the privileged of 2000, I thought that on reaching the age to look for a roof for my own family, these huts we so much adore in Cuba would no longer exist.

In the Gutiérrez neighborhood, District Cauto 3, La Cuchilla, Pedregaló, and many more in this eastern Cuba geography that supports my footsteps, these “Low Cost” houses abound, say the new generation of popular architects, makers of communities of contemporary misery.

They are so inexpensive that it costs the same to put them up as it does to tear them down.

What you see in the photo has been standing for two or three years, the harsh weather with the rain washes the walls away and leaves them on the bare ground. The cane for the roof, that is to say the leaf of the sugar cane, has to be cut green and put to dry for a few days to dry and then interlaced along the roof beam. Inside, the dirt floor is swept with a caserita broom. The bushes outside are the place to have a bowel movement, a few yards south of the water well.

Even living in these conditions there are those who have to face the Housing Lending Unit and their lapdogs and other state bloodsuckers who come to collect on the loan that the Revolution gave them for “The Low Cost” or to ask them for their papers to the property.

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