In the Streets of Guantanamo…

8 May

This is the Guantanamo that nobody anywhere else can imagine. This is “Fidel’s street,” as the human masses that lend themselves to the choir say in the repudiation rallies. This is the place the government’s machinery does not recommend as a tourist destination in Eastern Cuba. It is far away from downtown. These kids invented for themselves a wheel, a playground and an arrow to spend Sunday. Someone bent over to take the picture but, except the little one, they all kept minding their own business.

I was there in May. Still remembering the awful moments and the scare caused by the earthquake but above all my friends’ energy and excitement about the launching of their blog El Palenque, and its ability to circumvent the barbed wires and tell publicly – even with some time delay – the story of what’s happening in Guaso.

My friends from El Palenque want everybody to know that together they are bringing the will to join forces against the machinery of power maintained so far away in Guantanamo that only appears in the political geography of the country when the order to imprison opposition youth comes down from the director’s office of the national security service, the G-2.


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