Public Decoration

29 May

San German, the town where I live, is nearly 40 kilometers from Baragua, one of the main military units of the Eastern region, and 34 kilometers from Holguin where the region’s major military base is located.

As you can see, we have the “rare privilege” (according to the poet Orlando Core) of living in the war corridor.  For these reasons we must endure beauties like those displayed in these photos. They are the evidence of the war musculature that grace us every December 2nd in one of those endless military parades, only today they did it without announcing anything, which made us sit up, rather uneasily, and take notice.

Are those the tanks that the bosses of G-2, Roilán Cruz Oliva y Douglas told me about, as did the journalist and Director of Culture in Holguin, Alexis Triana, saying that they would pass through whenever we tried to “damage” the dignity of the revolution?

When I took these photos, I was reminded of a young man in Tienanmen Square stopping a tank with roses in his hand. I don’t know if I am brave enough to do that, I photographed these thundering metal animals and that frightened me enough.

I am not a kamikaze but these streets are also mine.

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