Belling the Cat

1 Jun

I asked some economist friends of mine the same question I asked others who are engulfed in the hurricane of the economic downturn: How do we mesh the aspirations of ordinary people with the complete lack of production in the country?

I notice that my question leaves them stunned. They do not ‘plan’ the economy, they do not decide. They make up part of the whole that has to await the decisions of the leaders of a country at war.

For some days the Cuban newspapers publish readers’ views on the future cooperativization of food and minor services.

They are letters sent to the press organ of a single party, which only publishes the opinions of those who would arrange socialism at their whim, but under the hawk-like gaze of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

I am interested in these kinds of comments, they are the best metaphors that can be found: everyone wants change, but in the stale world of totalitarian control, they want to improve their quality of life, but by means of the solidarity imposed on Cubans, at the cost of leaving us with no medical services, now exported to Venezuela and other consorts of ALBA.

I will not resort to the trite argument of saying that Granma seems to me to be from another planet because I live in the same country where people use as toilet paper the only document in which they publish their achievements and accomplishments as if they were not a little lie more.

Holguín, the province where I live, has tried a thousand times to restore the plans of tubers and vegetables, but again and again, when they accomplish something, it is taken to another province or stealthily enters the black market, where we inevitably suck the last drop of blood in the month.

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