Sanitation: Crowding or Torture?

9 Jun

Rafael Jiménez, a guy who has traveled the country buying bicycle tires, selling popcorn, and asking “water for signs,” told me.

In “Yerba de Guinea”, “Buenaventura”, “Céspedes”, Jatibonico and Jagüey Grande and the bridge of Nueva Paz, they took him off the truck or the Yutong bus and fumigated the interior and the luggage. They fumigate because it’s a campaign, says my friend the traveler, and when it’s over we can eat the mosquitoes and it won’t matter to anyone.

On leaving Santi Spiritus almost a month ago they got us off, but before fumigating a military jeep with the police Guard Oeprations came, reviewed the packages of the passengers, took two bags that didn’t apepar to have owners, and also a man carrying frozen fish and a boy with two hundred tablets of Baracoa chocolate. They took the accused and the fumigator started to hum with its vomit of smoke.

The kids of the anti-vector campaign adjust their masks and point the smoker toward the link of vehicles that has formed within minutes.

Rafael says that for the last month he’s been thinking it might be better to leave on a round-the-world trip.

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