This is Your House!

15 Jun

Photos: Luis Felipe Rojas

Fidel, This is your house! So read a flattering note from those in love with the olive-green crowd of 1959. I remember that little sign on the door to my aunt and uncle’s house in Pilón de Manzanillo. A house with a two-gabled roof supported by five columns, three blue and two white, forming the Cuban flag.

The woman in the photo lives in a bus stop in Guantánamo. She took over the public premises, lacking housing after Hurricane Lily, and since then she lives where she can, with the tropical storms, the heat of eastern Cuba, the mosquitoes, rodents, and all the other vermin I won’t mention as they are very well known by the majority of Cubans.

The eyes of this woman don’t say something else: “Come and stay here while you convalesce, Comandante!”

Translator’s note: Hurricane Lily struck in 2002.

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