First Twitter Stop

18 Jun

With the advice-suggestion two days earlier from our friend Yoani Sánchez, we put out a call. A week before we had found ourselves in Holguin to talk about the Cuban blogosphere, how to post in the very abnormal conditions in which we live in eastern Cuba, and how and when to use the tool Twitter.

Then the idea came to us of a meet-up or a Twit-up. And here we were on June 9 at 3:00 pm. What you see in the background in the photos is a grove of trees which, at any hour, is full of drinkers, dealers and hustlers.

Let me explain. Of the nine of us who went to “Feliú Leyva” (the brewing of beer in bulk, where half of Holguin goes) only two of us have Twitter accounts, but the rest don’t have the four convertible pesos to open their accounts in the magic machine of 140 characters, but they intended to learn every detail so they could open them later. We wanted to exchange opinions. To dream that we would do it.

A brief introduction, the example of the Iranian bloggers, their Chinese counterparts, of Barheim, Somalia and Venezuela, and with this it was enough to light the fuse, to ignite the flame of excitement and enthusiasm toward freedom.

This is one of the clearest examples of wanting and not being able to. Those you see in these photos would give anything to have a few free minutes on the Internet and an occasional recharge on their cellphones to “illuminate” with their news such dark areas as Baracoa, Buenaventura, Antilla or Manatí.

In any event, we were convinced that it was worth it to meet, to dream that one day everyone will Twitter all at once furiously on a channel that crosses the corroded walls, behind which are hiding the olive-green attired higher-ups.

And it could happen any day. Maybe tomorrow.

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