4 Sep

Subtitle: Aggression carried out against the home of dissident Franklin Pelegrino del Tero, in Cacocum, Holguin.

This is what the tutored mobs do to those who demand freedom of rights and expression.

This is what the combined forces of the G2 and the Rapid Response Brigades did to a group of women who assisted mass and then carried out a march with flowers in their hands in Palma Soriano.

And that’s how Aime Garces ended up after her arrest and mistreatment carried out by indoctrinated mobs in Palma Soriano.  Fifteen days after doing that to her, they once again trespassed into her lawn, invaded her home, and confiscated all cell phones, photo cameras, video cameras, and more.  All of this so that she would not communicate via phone and tell about all the horrors she has lived through during these days.  Also, the confiscation was done so that they would not capture revealing photos of just how much the mobs beat and oppress people under the orders of the General.  But if someone doubts what I am reporting, or if someone wants more information, then I suggest you call them directly.  They will tell you.

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