18 Jun

Original post sent by Luis Felipe Rojas through his cell phone

It’s a real jewel of journalism, worthy of being stored in any historical archive.  It appeared on the “Personal Issues” section of the classified ads of the weekly Ahora newspaper, published in the province of Holguin.  Out of the three ads which appeared last Saturday, June 2nd, these two caught my attention:

“The Clinical-Surgical Lucia Iniguez Hospital offers positions of Security Agents and protection.  Prequisites: have a mid-superior level or have passed twelfth grade, having had taken rehabilitation courses and having adequate experience, must be physically and mentally fit, have political, moral, and social conduct in accordance with the revolutionary process.  Salary: 283 pesos and additional salary payment of up to $84.90. Visit the Department of Human Resources and speak with Santiago Dominguez Fajardo”

“The Meat Company of Holguin seeks a Chief of Quality Control.  Salary: $425.00 plus additional payment of $200.00.  Prerequisites: graduate from related superior level with specialty in Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, of possessing License of Dietary Sciences.  The company follows the system of payment for the completion of the job in a certain time, and 4 kilos of bones and a set of personal hygiene products are given monthly, sanitary clothes and annually, in addition to personal transportation.  Call 42-2705, extensions 121 and 118″.

The first outlined phrase refers to the political apartheid which thousands of Cubans who have no communist affiliation suffer…but for such plentiful earnings! In that sense, anyone can keep a moral conduct “in accordance with the revolutionary principles”.  The second bold phrase is quite frightening.  With so much hunger in certain African countries and we still use a surplus of food to stimulate Security Agents! There is no such case.  There is no doubt that the suggestions are unique, there surely will be better ones,  but these could not have gone by unmentioned and I wanted to share it with you all.  The section is in charge of someone who is said to be called Graciela Guerra B and her email is

Note:I have published this through my phone, I send it to a friend (as an image) who has internet access, he sends it through email to another friend outside of Cuba who receives it, converts it to a Word document, and later publishes it on my blog with the photos I have also sent from my cell phone. 

Today, I asked those who help me to do so in this way.  So that those who follow and read me know that on this side, from within the barbed wires, connecting to the internet continues to be a fantasy, regardless if there is a cable or not.

That’s why I spend many days without publishing anything and I can never directly respond to messages sent to me, to those emails which saturate my electronic mailbox, and the hundreds of friend requests I have on Facebook which a friend of mine updates once a month.  This is yet another way of accessing the internet, without internet. 

One Response to “Classifieds”

  1. southern girl June 19, 2012 at 12:32 am #

    You are a brave person to go through so much trouble to post a thought. People in USA dont realize just how lucky we are to have the freedoms that we do. I hope to God you will one day have them too. It boggles my mind that a small group of people can hold so many hostage. Is it fear of what they can (will) do to you if caught trying to be free and normal ? Stop the fear.Without it, “they” no longer have power over you. Maybe being passive aggressive is a way to succeed. The Castros cant live forever. Start now arming yourself with knowledge. Knowledge of the how the world really is and pass it to all you can. Knowledge of who is in charge and whether they are true communist or only pretend to be to keep from being arrested too. Knowledge of which citizens are willing to fight for the right to be free.Knowledge of how to stop depending on the government for your every need.As long as you keep getting so much free stuff like housing (without being able to live where you want.We dont ask permission to live certain places. We live wherever we have enough money to pay the rent or mortgage.), medicine ( yes that may be nice, but when it gratis,supplies and care are rationed.). The government doesnt owe you anything except the right to life ,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When that right is taken away and controlled by your leaders, you stagnate as a human being and they control you.What gives them that right ? Did you say yes? Why must you stand in ration lines for food when the leaders get anything they want to eat ? Is that fair ? Not in USA. If you have money in your pocket, you can go in any store and buy as much or little of anything. And if you are disabilled or out of work and qualify for aid, you get free food. Even our poorest of the poor are richer than the poor in Cuba and other countries.That should anger your people and cause them to stand up for their rights.Tell the people how the other socialist / communist countries are falling apart politically because that idioloy just doesnt hold water. It takes years for the people to realize they have been made fools, but many are beginning to see the light and jumping off the tyrant band wagon.
    Best wishes to freedom someday, may it be soon.

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