“Anonymous” did it

27 Jan

Terrorist vandalism in my house, 20th Street No. 1303 & 13 and 15. San German, Holguin, CUBA. @alambradas (twitter)/ @alambradas_en

This happened last night in my house.  “Anonymous” did it.  The police, which is so effective when it comes to arresting free-thinkers and beating defenseless men and women when they go out to the street to scream FREEDOM, did not find the culprits.

I wasn’t in San German and when I arrived this morning I found this.  I couldn’t put it on my Twitter account or send a picture via Twitpic because the service on my cellphone has not been re-activated.  I prefer not to fall into the thievery of CUBACEL which, during these days, has robbed me of SMS and photos in my @alambradas account.

A friend of mine lent me his cellphone and, thanks to him, I was able to send an email to another friend with this photo and this note, so that it be published on my blog or wherever else possible.

That’s how internet without internet works from San German, Holguin.

2 Responses to ““Anonymous” did it”

  1. Joseph Tages January 27, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    Tengan mucha fe y no pierdan la esperanza, mis hermanos. Mas y mas Twiteros estan corriendo la voz por todo el mundo. El regimen Castrista no podra detener la ola de cambios que empezo con la Primavera Arabe en el 2011. Muy pronto llegara a Cuba! Seguimos al tanto de todo lo que ustedes sufren en la isla y pasamos la voz por las redes sociales. Todas las censuras y confiscaciones del regimen no les seran suficiente a esos verdugos abusadores. No los abandonaremos hasta que Cuba sea libre!

    Paz y valor, que pronto cambiaran las cosas!

  2. Anonymous April 24, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    Moon mask is on his way, anonymous, you vandles!

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